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About Us

Mechel Group was founded by Khalil Charara in 1980. The company began servicing prominent companies in the Lebanese sector. We support various clients in the Banking, Retail, Industrial, Medical, Real Estate, and Governmental Sectors. Recently, the company expanded its’ offering to clients requiring facility maintenance services and into new markets in Iraq. The company strives to provide a bacteria-free and safe environment by utilizing Eco-friendly products.  Our professional team is highly trained in providing exceptional service to our clients.

Mechel Group has a dedicated staff which is the keystone of its’ success.  Our commitment to our employees insures we have low turnover that translates to a highly skilled workforce that deliver the right service within the agreed upon timeframe. 

Mechel Group achieves its’ mission of delivering a quality service in timely fashion.  We adhere to the following values:

  • Environmentally Conscious- We will safeguard the environment by using the latest technologies in conducting our operations.
  • Delivering high quality- We provide highly trained personnel to deliver high quality service for our clients.
  • Customer Satisfaction- We will maintain our word by delivering to clients the service promised within the agreed upon scope, time and price.
  • Ethically Committed: We safe guard your assets and protect our employees by providing them worker’s compensation insurance.